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When you are relocating your family and home, we understand how stressful and overwhelming it can be. It is important to hire experienced, hardworking, and trustworthy movers. That is why we provide A+ service from start to finish!


Whether you are moving into your first home, closer to work, a different school district or your lease is up, we understand your home is where your heart is. With that in mind, we will exceed your expectations in professionally handling and transporting your belongings. 

Apartment / condos

Most apartments/condos have elevators, stairs, or a lengthy walk from the building to your parking lot. What may seem like a hassle to you, is a piece of cake to us! Allow us to handle the “hassle”. Our movers have years of experience finishing apartment/condo moves with perfection! 


If you are moving into an office for the first time, upgrading your office space, or renovating your current space, we know how exciting that can be! Our employees will disassemble furniture, office chairs, filing cabinets, credenzas, and much more…

Please note: Unfortunately, we will not transport cubicles or technology equipment.

Retirement / Assisted Living

Moving our loved ones into retirement/assisted living homes can be a very difficult and emotional time. The employees at Maniac Movers strive to make these transitions as smoothly as possible by providing complimentary packing services for retirement/assisted living moves.



Did you receive orders to the area, or are you moving closer to your duty station? Military families (retired and active) hold a special place in our hearts here at Maniac Movers and to show our appreciation we offer a 10% discount to all military families!

Packing / Unpacking

Packing can be a daunting process. The employees at Maniac Movers have years of experience packing all rooms, including garages, guest houses, sheds, pool houses, etc. We offer full-service packing, and will also unpack your items, upon request.

Labor Only

Do you need a POD packed/unpacked? Do you have a truck(s) load that you drove in from out of state and need it unpacked? Do you simply want to move furniture and/or belongings around within your home? We can get the job done for you! 


Moving out of city limits? Maniac Movers will relocate your family anywhere within the state of Texas while making your move affordable, and in a timely manner!

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